What is metrology? Classification Of Metrology In Details.

By | December 15, 2018

What is metrology? Is most of the asked question but it having very simple answer, Here you can read   metrology in engineering also which is one and same thing.

Also types of metrology are also introduced you below…

 What is Metrology? –

  • Metrology is word which introduced from two Greek words ‘Metro’ which means Measurement and ‘Logy’ Means Science.
  • Thus by combining both word metrology we can say that it is a Science of Measurement.
  • In manufacturing activities metrology plays important role because it is very important part of measurement of any part.
  • Gauging process is also comes under the term metrology.

Hence we can conclude that you have been came to know metrology in engineering or meaning of metrology in engineering also.

Gauging process only determines whether the part is in rang or not but is is not going to tell exact amount of difference hence it is to be sorted in the term metrology in engineering or engineering metrology.


Objectives of Engineering Metrology –

  • Establishing the units of measurements, reproducing these units in the form of standards.
  • Developing the methods of measurement in engineering metrology.
  • Analyse the accurate method of measurement, establishing uncertainty in measurement in metrology in engineering.
  • Minimising the cost of inspection by efficient and effective use of available resources.
  • Determining process capabilities to ensure that these are better than the component accuracy requirement.
  • Facilitation comparative evaluation of newly developed product or production method.
  • Helping for making decision about defective parts in terms of reworking on it.

Metrology plays very important or significant role in every field of investigation and present day scientifically and technological process has dependent heavily on the progress in the fields of measurement.


Classification of Metrology –

Metrology can be classified on following points –

  1. Scientific Metrology
  2. Legal Metrology
  3. Technical Metrology
  • Scientific Metrology –

Scientific metrology relates to the measurements done to valid the theories of nature and enhances basic knowledge about about science and nature


  • Legal Metrology –

Legal metrology concern measurement carried out to ensure compliance with, laws and regulations. Such measurement also ensure that established standards are being adhered to so that there is a uniformity of measurement all around.


  • Technical Metrology –

Technical Metrology involves measurement related to science of measurements i.e. measurement associated with establishment of units, accuracy of measurement and methods of measurement.

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